• Naim 272 vs ndx

    Naim 272 vs ndx

    Hi, Just tried a XS2 and man am i blown away. There is always a law of diminishing returns and I am trying to determine, if its worth the upgrade.

    Naim NAC-N 272 review

    Either way I intend to run this source with the Supernait 2. I went straight to this option for SQ and user interface. My dealer is certainly of the view that the NDX2 is quite a step up, important if you follow a source first approach. No doubt the XS2 is very capable to, so it also comes down to how much you want to spend and whether you need the screen and remote. Good luck.

    The X2 is the natural partner to the SN2 and remember that it can be upgraded with a power supply, which is not the case with the ND5XS2. You really need to try it, it is much better imo, but for your peace of mind it would be more cost effective to decide on an NDX2 now, even if you have to wait and save. Thanks for all yer inputs. Both are outstanding machines, but I thought the NDX2 defo had the edge, and the display does it for me.

    The improvement is drastic. Out of curiosity - what is the science behind a separate power unit making a device transformative? I have an intuitive sense - around heat management and what that does to a signal etc etc but would love to understand a bit more. For one, it removes all the noisy AC power circuitry out of the box with the analog and digital audio circuitry, and moves it to another box that outputs separate DC power for those analog and digital circuits.

    Others can correct me if I misspoke, or clarify further, but Naim has this figured out really well. What amp are you using? You are a funny man. Seriously, though. No, that is so far out of my budget. That would give me a bigger improvement overall.

    naim 272 vs ndx

    This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Gazza July 16,am 4. Gazza July 16,am 6. Certainly you would need it changed over to v by Naim for the UK. JosquinDesPrez July 16,pm 8. JosquinDesPrez July 16,pm Thats my next stage then …Thanks for that Barry. Simon-in-Suffolk July 16,pm If sound quality is your priority the NDX has to be the high-end media player of choice. Traditionally, Naim has never liked to be first at anything — and rather than a negative, this strategy has always been something of a point of pride for the company.

    It likes to wait for the market and technology to settle down before wading in with what invariably turns out to be a well thought-out product. The company's approach has been a little different when it comes to computer audio and streaming, however. What exactly does the NDX do? The term 'media player' sounds vague at best, so what exactly does it do? A media player can draw music from multiple sources.

    While a wireless connection is possible, we suggest the robustness of a wired link would make it the network connection of choice. Provided the network is connected to the internet, the NDX can access internet radio. That opens up a world of music albeit one usually made up of low-quality streams. But this player makes the best of things and remains listenable even with poor-quality stations. So, how does the NDX sound? In a word, excellent. Remember that this is a relatively new product category and we fully expect performance to improve and prices to drop as time passes.

    Strong dynamics and a top-class sonic stability go hand in hand with this excellent timing, which all keep everything in place even when the music gets demanding. Like most Naim products, the NDX is easy to upgrade.

    You can add outboard power supplies and standalone DACs, should you wish. The soundstage becomes significantly wider and dynamics take on a far larger scale, while the resolution of subtleties gets even better.

    naim 272 vs ndx

    Exceptionally fine on its own Even after hearing the improvements, though, we think the NDX remains an exceptionally fine listen on its own. Media players such as this live or die by their ease of operation. The NDX is relatively quick-witted and has a well-thought-out remote handset. It makes operation far slicker. See all our media server reviews. What Hi-Fi?Have had a Superuniti since and added a NAPdr to it 3 years back.

    At the time I had thought that I would eventually replace the superuniti with the Nac n But now with the new streamers ndx2 and the nova, not sure what the best upgrade if any there is. The one thing that I have never been happy with was that my cds played from a meridian player running analog output always sounded better than the same cd ripped bit perfect and streamed with superuniti or the cd played on the Meridian CDP and running the digital out to the superuniti.

    So at this point, the trade off for me is keep my box count at 2 or 3 with power supply but still have older tech NAC Nor get the new streamers but significantly higher box count with the ndx2 or redundant amp section with the nova.

    My dealer suggests that only the NDX2 is the worthwhile upgrade in sound in the new naim streamers. According to my dealer, The new uniti nova or the nd5xs is not a worthwhile upgrade from my superuniti improvement vs price for the upgrade. But it does come with a considerable price tag, especially when you add the NDX2….

    Five boxes vs three? Without a doubt a superior sound to my system, but not one to which I aspire. You pays your money…! I would judge for yourself and hear them all. There are advantages and disadvantages to them all and it depends on your budget and ears not your dealers advice which I would take with a pinch of salt. I went from Superuniti to Nova and found it very worthwhile and good value. As well as the improved functionality, the sound quality was much improved.

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    Certainly worth a listen. If only I could turn the sodding display off…. The is a very capable unit and is upgradeable with either an XPS or PS which takes it to a different level. Any other sensible option is going to cost a considerable amount of money so you need to consider what you likely end game is if you take an alternative approach.

    I have a Nova and added an olive NAP which makes a significant difference in my system, though the Nova is a standalone admirable performer. In many ways the Superuniti I suspect was akin to a Nova now, and you added a DR to your Superuniti as you presumably felt it made a difference.

    Dynaudio Focus XD 600 @ Naim NDX network music player @ (Alef Hi-fi)@Hi-Fi & High End Show 2015

    So the problem with the Nova is that you may feel as I did that the internal power amp costs are going to waste if you use it with your DR. The reality I suspect is that a redesigned N would tick the boxes for many people these days.

    If you have any analogue sources consider the fact that the Uniti streamers digitise analogue inputs and then convert them back to analogue for output allows multi room and presumably digital volume controlmy LP12 sounded very good via the Nova, however I prefer it into a dedicated pre.

    Can you borrow the for a home demo?

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    I find the DR extremely musical and with the XPSDR a great place to stop before the law of diminishing returns really starts to haemorrhage the wallet. Sumitagg, I found the Superuniti and DR excellent as it was.Allas I think the is a step to far at the moment. If you think you would be happy stopping at NDX2 then that would be a rather nice place to be, I think. But if you are aiming longer term as nd then going via NDS is potentially a lower cost and more sensible route.

    You do need to balance this against the extra functionality of the NDX2 that may or may not appeal.

    naim 272 vs ndx

    I decided that sound quality was the main priority so went the NDS route. The only other advice is if you proceed with an NDS find out if the screen has been replaced as they are prone to failure the NDX too. I went for a model that was fresh back from service with a new display and warranty.

    I listened to them both and the dealer and I were in total agreement that the NDS was streets ahead. I also tried them both back to back and preferred the NDS as so went home with it. Both sound great but the NDS slightly warmer and full of detail. The NDX2 is also a great streamer and if you need the extra features it has over the NDS, its not a bad place to be, but for out right sound the NDS is only beaten by the ND and thats a whole new ball game and has the price tag to go with it.

    I used my NDS for quite some time with an XPS and it was ok, but now have the ps and it has made a hig big difference and that is what you want to aim for really. It just opened up much more with a much bigger sound stage than before, much more detail, fuller sounding, basically it uplifted the lot and before it i was more than happy with the xps that i had from my last naim streamer The only downside was running in the ps but that has now sorted itself out and all is well If you get a NDS your goal will be adding the ps as they are ment for each other.

    Lots of interesting responses. I generally only listen through UPnP and for me sound quality takes precedence over the extra connectivity so the NDS looks better in that respect.

    Also, I find the screens on the older streamers look very dated now. Haven t heard them side by side. I sold the NDS as a downgrade, purchased a I have no regrets. Subjectivities as to how they sound depend on the equipment paired with, cables, power and speakers and what you prefer, but there could be a feature which helps with how you will specifically use it that can tip the balance one way or the other.

    Network Support : WiFi support for Also DSD support. The NDS also has all the brass sub chassis with steel-sprung floating suspension system in the same way that the ND has. They are both great players imo, I prefer the new design over the old though and others may think otherwise. Depends what you mean by equal capability… the SPDIF and Ethernet engines are quite different … although the connectors and physical interfaces are the same.

    You strangely had them as the same capability… they are not. The NDX2 is very much more advanced. The NDS converter and its analogue filter, current to voltage converter and physical isolation are superior to the NDX2. Hi Simon, aye. Thanks for pointing that out and the more info you have on how a feature is implemented the better.

    H February 9,am 1. TimOopNorth February 9,am 2. Simon-in-Suffolk February 9,pm 3. Davidr February 9,pm 5.The NAC-N is a hugely talented unit that delivers top-class sound with an extensive features list.

    We could conclude what would be the shortest review in What Hi-Fi? Streaming preamp? This may not seem particularly special. Most rivals tend to prioritise the digital circuits, leaving the quality of the analogue section distinctly second best. This is also a forward-thinking unit, so there are digital inputs. Bluetooth would have been unthinkable in high-end products just a few years ago, but now an increasing number of manufacturers are waking up to the fact that wireless connectivity is a good thing.

    How can you get it? Naim being Naim, a great deal of engineering has been undertaken to avoid such features spoiling the sound.

    The digital and analogue sections communicate through optical isolation chips to minimise any interference. As is usual for the company, plenty of care has been taken in getting the circuit layout right and the power supply arrangement just so. This is a well-specified unit. MORE: Best music streaming services The N is straight-forward to set up. Its menus are easy to use and it connects to our network swiftly. While going wireless is an option we always prefer going the wired ethernet route as it intrinsically offers greater stability.

    This has gone through numerous evolutions and on the whole works well. The app is well laid out and pretty easy to use. While the is more than happy driving alternative power amplifiers — it works well with our reference Gamut Difor example — we suspect that the vast majority will find themselves in an all Naim set-up.

    We have no issue with that, as such combinations ensure compatibility, not only in electrical terms, but when it comes to sonic character. None throw up any compatibility issues.Naim do have a history of changing a product when they think they can significantly improve SQ.

    naim 272 vs ndx

    So perhaps a longer wait than anticipated. I guess so - the limiting factor is probably the close proximity of the elements of the product and their resultant coupling and cross talk rather than anything else that would be relevant in a separates product.

    I mentioned it to my dealer a while back and he said, why not just run 2 Novas. Quite happy. If you feel you will stop at the SuperNait… then there is some merit about sticking with two Novas… however if you decide to go down or carry on down the seperate s Route, the NDX2 gives you a huge amount of options and is a fine streamer that will see you up to the higher end NACs … a worthy sibling of its elder more accomplished audio performance brother, the ND Did you have a home demo?

    Maybe they needed running in? It sound like the SN2 was your bottleneck then… the NDX2 is very capable and by the sounds of it really needs a higher level NAC to show it off… I suspect a at the minimum. A lot of focus on Naim streamers from your dealer and the posts so far. Good luck. It sounds mighty fine to me. My goal is to run a low box count system and happy with the results. I have no doubt that putting together a NDX 2 with a Power Supply connected to a Pre-amp with Power Supply s to a Power-amp with Power Supply s to a higher quality level of speakers sitting on a full frame with glass and balls along with upgraded powercords, connecting cables and speaker cables would most likely enhance the enjoyment of the NDX 2.

    My recommendation is figure out where you want to be now and in the future, and plan on how you want to get from point a to b. I know yours is probably still running in though. From the moment it was turned on it sounded better. I also noticed some albums were not sounding as good because the NDX 2 uplifts the detail, exposing more to the listener.

    I have had the NDX 2 for fourteen days now and with listening for the past two weeks under my belt, I can say the money spent for the upgrade was worth it for me! I do not hesitate recommending the change to others.

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    I did work with a dealer that has provided me with great service from day one and would recommend to anyone who is hesitant to go get a demo a dealership and if you like what you hear arrange for a home demo if you can.

    I do not believe you will be disappointed. Major portions of the NDX2 were completely rearchitected the same as for ND and ND5XS2 to provide better performance functionally and from a SQ added noise perspective between the new streamers and their legacy counterparts.

    I can also say to my ears that design objective was met. This topic was automatically closed 60 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Gazza February 23,am GraemeH February 23,pm Simon-in-Suffolk February 23,pm Best to demo. I think the Nova is much better than some credit it for. Simon-in-Suffolk March 16,am Hollow March 16,am Simon-in-Suffolk March 16,pm FWIW… I have been running the following configuration for the past couple of weeks.

    Just need the time and money to get where you want to go… Good luck with your decision.What will happen is that it all will sound much fatter than when only one of those components is connected at a time, or to use fat sounding power cables only on the components under test and simple packed-in powercables on the other components to keep them powered up.

    The latter make the Naims sound thinner and less colorful than they can do but they will sound nice and open, and very enthusiastic. Not so much with Lapp cables, which lends a nice smooth and full tonality, but also takes away a lot of PRAT, dynamics and even some resolution. Placement was also an item. Normally I only review one component at a time, and compare it to my own equipment. This time it was a little bit more tricky. Then I tried it with these two components stacked on top of each other but invariably the one at the bottom sounded fullest and the top one most airy, but lacking drive and slam.

    After lots of listening to the components in different places, I settled on the stacked variant, with the NDX on top. This made for the best sound. The difference between the Chinese fake rack and the real Finite item is in the details and dynamics: the real rack has a more nimble bass with more power and drive and also more transparency and slam in the midrange.

    For the majority of the review I have used Cardas Hexlink cinch cables and swapped them over to other players and streamers for comparison. This all makes sense because typically Naim products are used with Chord cables, which are, in my limited experience, open and detailed sounding by nature. The first component I tried was the CDX2.

    I was curious to find out how it sounded after a friend had had an original CDX for years and has always raved about it.

    Naim NAC 272 vs NAC 282 : Thoughts On Which Is a Higher Quality Unit

    As mentioned in the header, the Naim components under test here, have big power supplies and weigh quite a bit. The CDX2 is no exception: not only does it feel heavy, it also sounds that way: solid, dynamic, confident and with excellent bass that is at once deep, full, weighty and articulate. It carries great power and it is with its rhythmic qualities that the CDX2 impresses most. Moving all the way up the scale to the treble: in my reviews I always go on about fluidity.

    For me this is very important, especially because my Magnepan MG3. However, the CDX2 is no smooth operator, and is less transparent and a little rougher than the Wadia S7i. Play on low volume and there is the impression of missing some tiny details. Because of this, the CDX2 can sometimes sound dry. So, compared to the double to triple price Wadias and Levinsons, it can be a bit dry and cool, lacking some color and schmelz.

    But the CDX2 is just more about excitement, power, drive and foot-tapping involvement. A nice bonus is that less than stellar recordings still sound very enjoyable. The bottom line for the CDX2 is that it is capable of conveying emotion easily, much more easily in fact than some technically superior components.

    Play a little louder, and the music gains credibility and substance and the gaps seem to fill in slightly. Same character in terms of detailing, openness, soundstage, speed, timbre… but wait… yes, indeed, there are some differences after all.

    It also sounded more detailed, and more fluid in the treble. But in spite of all these advances over the CDX2, I found it less colorful and less organic. But of course these kinds of things can be all but compensated for.

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    Remember: the initial comparisons were under identical conditions, but later I tried to get the maximum from each individual component and when I used Transparent Ultra interlinks instead of Cardas Hexlink, there was almost a sigh of relief, as now it sounded much more friendly, more emotional and much more engaging.

    Its natural character stayed present without diminishment, but gained some reality as well as a more organic, more emotionally appealing quality.

    The NDX still sounded fast, solid and lively, only now with a nice, fluid treble and a fuller tonality.

    Naim NAC 272 vs NAC 282 : Thoughts On Which Is a Higher Quality Unit

    In hindsight I thing that it now superseded the Uniti and Unitiqute units that I had over some months ago, by being much more solid and rhythmic and having fuller bass. Still, I remember those cuddly units to sound even sweeter, more refined and fluid throuh the treble.

    That must have been mostly down to the Echole powercord I used then, but have sold in the meantime.


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